The venue is the largest stadium in the United States! The same day a total of 105,491 fans watched the game at the University of Michigan Stadium. There is no doubt that the heat and the environment are perfect. Coupled with the cold wind, and the low temperature and the falling snow Corey Potter Jersey. The referee's ball and whistle were even frozen. This is a big challenge for both teams Colin Wilson Jersey, but it also disrupts the pace of the game and the fans' spectators to a certain degree. Jonathan Bernier suffered from the Red Wings team 43 shots, a goal of the Red Wing in the third quarter seems to bring the game into overtime. In the end, Bozak helped the Maples team to a winning goal. Wonderful game also let the classic game in Canada to create a ratings record Filip Forsberg Jersey, about 3.57 million viewers of the game, quite exciting figures! Immediately afterwards, the Oilers will face the challenge of being the second-placed Kings in the division at home, and the Oilers will stand in front of the playoffs outside the card area for the first time, if they can defeat their neighbors one after another. The Kings have not been stable recently, especially since the team's attack line plunged into downturn again, with only two forwards scoring two goals in the past six games, or both defenders Droudy-Di and Eric Martin Sri Lanka's play, the team probably afraid of the frontcourt output more bearish Predators Jerseys, good goalkeeper Jonathan - Quaker recently performed well, his season average save rate reached 92.8% in the past 5 games his save rate in 4 games are More than 92%, his play will be particularly crucial for the Kings.