Such a fierce competition in the environment is not high score, the temperature is not low during the competition, and even the Cubs in April when the game is about the same. Although Pierre Maguire tried to use the "wind-assisted target" system to describe the bad weather in this game, it was inconclusive for Windy Chicago. It is important that this game, it feels like the defending champion Detroit and the Chicago Blackhawks play a playoff match at the ice hockey, rather than playing a regular ice hockey match at the baseball stadium Pekka Rinne Jersey. NHL today a total of 12 games, the Calgary Flames team recently stumbling after home defeat in Chicago Cody Bass Jersey, Chicago Blackhawk, two-game losing streak, the Kings team's Garcia trip to start the weather Matt Carle Jersey, one after another victory over Vancouver and Edmonton oil man . The two teams had a clash at Staples on October 11 and the Flames won 4-3 overtime. King opened a marvelous goal into the opening, Ke Pittar dribble into the blue line toward the bottom wall, and then he returned the ball to Pearson, Pearson ball in the ball circle around the majority of lap Delivering to the left, Forbert catches the ball almost to the goal without angle and the ball hits the net just inside the thigh of Smith. Kings 1-0 lead. Before the end of the first section of the game, the king won a counterattack opportunity, Brown high-speed inserted on the defensive back fire flame defender Frederick Gaudreau Jersey, after his light cross the ball, Pearson homeopathic rub a high ball, Smith failed to play the ball less than reaction, Kings 2 -0 get the perfect start.