From the current point of view, the environment of this game does not seem so much surprise Predators Jerseys. There are no iconic venues because Philadelphia's picturesque Philadelphia Philharmonic stadium was built less than a decade ago Barret Jackman Jersey. In the classic game, the weather did not fully reveal the element of "Winter," the game was postponed by the glare of the sun, and the game finally started at 45 degrees Fahrenheit with some drizzle. When the Rangers team first appeared on this stage Eric Nystrom Jersey, the trapeze team has participated in two classic games Cody Bass Jersey. This game is also thrilling, whether it is Daniel Brill's shot, or Ranquist in the game only 19.6 seconds of a save, the game eventually entered overtime. Tortorella claimed that NBC was for ratings, deliberately delayed the game to overtime, the remark he received a no small penalty. Jet is still hot recently, but their road record is not ideal, the game they are facing the Oilers who are being promoted, the outcome of this game is not good to say. The two sides in the game five days ago, the jet 4-3 victory over the Oilers at home, whether the game is still unknown. The Oilers three centers recently performed very well, whether they can lead the team's striker to complete the impact on opponents will be the key to determining the outcome of this game, while much rely on the main goalkeeper Hom - Tal Bot's performance will also be an important factor.